Basic Points about Cryptocurrency You Should Go Over

More people are searching “best cryptocurrency to invest 2019” on Google or Bing. This suggests that more investors are getting enthusiastic about this new phenomenon.

In spite of its popularity, many folks do not get the actual point of it. Moreover, the rareness of easy-to-digest information discourages people.

Before you read “best cryptocurrency to invest 2019” lists, here is an introduction you should go over.

What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Stablecoin, are decentralised. This indicates that transactions do not pass through a central body just like a financial institution. As a result, when you transmit cash to a person, no one else can easily access your cash.

Who can keep track of all these transactions? Everyone can monitor them. Wait, what? Chill. Networks of individuals and high power computer systems, named blockchains, safely and securely track each one of those financial transactions. Examples of blockchains are Ethereum and Hyperledger.

The public element of blockchains prevents fraudulence. Everybody in the Blockchain can see the amount of cash is delivered to whom; for that reason, there is absolutely no room for theft.

Not each one of them is open for viewing, though. Several are exclusive and for-business purposes exclusively. One example is Hyperledger.

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The very first crypto: Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency was initially launched back in 2009 via Bitcoin. It was revealed via a white paper published online by a mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. Nevertheless, it was soon after exposed that the actual Bitcoin creator’s full name was never Satoshi Nakamoto.

To this day, no person has the correct information about who is the actual oddball responsible for the original cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin has made a significant attention over the years and attracted a large number of financiers and media companies in 2013 when it reached the value of $266 for each bitcoin. Nevertheless, after reaching a value of more than $2 billion, it saw a decline of 50% in its value.

The deed of validating operations connected to Bitcoin is called mining. Authenticated operations of Bitcoin are stored on an encrypted database known as a blockchain.

People today desire to read more about the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019 and in the following years; thus, many want to understand the other Cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin.

2 more popular kinds of Cryptocurrency


Majority of the Altcoins are looked into as a faithful backup of Bitcoin with small-scale modifications. Similar to people who use Bitcoin, Altcoins additionally make use of blockchain for securing validated operations.

On the other hand, countless Altcoins on the market today are not faithful alternatives to Bitcoin. Some are totally dissimilar in regards to formulas, purposes, and objectives.

Factom is a kind of Altcoin, which is completely different from Bitcoin; it makes use of POS (proof of stake) which indicates the individuals who do deals with Factom are referred to as stakers and not miners.


A token is utilized mostly on decentralized applications (dApps). However, unlike Bitcoin and Altcoin, a token is a totally distinct type of cryptocurrency because it does not have a blockchain.

You can use tokens invest in stuff in the dApp or used for discount rates and as online voting charges. Tokens have a price value that people can either buy or sell off for a particular value.

Final thoughts

Cryptocurrency is certainly an appealing subject in today’s technological arena. It’s only logical for you to spend time reading well-written reading materials.

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