Keeping Employees Safe in the Oil and Gas Industry

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the biggest oil spill in history, is considered a nightmare to oil and gas industry workers. Aside from its environmental and financial impact, the incident also claimed 11 lives and exposed around 108 oil and gas industry workers to oil chemicals and other hazards. Thankfully, although Australia has had its own huge disaster in the form of the Montara oil spill, the incident had no fatalities. This goes to show how well the safety shower Australian standard has progressed over the years.


safety shower australian standard

The Importance of Safety Showers

The safety shower test kit plays a huge part in preventing isolated cases of oil chemical exposure. If an employee has come into direct contact with oil, the best response is to put said employee inside a safety shower. The safety shower will wash away any oil that has come in direct contact with the skin.

Without safety showers, an employee could experience eye, throat and nose irritation, which after prolonged exposure, could escalate to respiratory problems. If oil is not washed away immediately, simple skin irritation can lead to lesions and extreme burns.

Regular Inspection of Rig Machinery

As one of the governing bodies in the oil and gas industry, the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) has repeatedly pushed for the upholding of the safety shower Australian standard. They have created a self-audit tool that all companies in the industry must follow.

The audit requires companies to conduct regular inspection of all rig machinery to minimize the possibility of contamination, spills and leaks. Maintenance and inspection should be done, not only to rig machinery, but to safety equipment such as safety showers as well. The company shall also conduct spill kit training so employees know what to do in case of oil exposure or spills.

Most companies in the oil and gas industry have failed safety inspections and auditing because as it stands, the industry has a lot going on. Most employers simply don’t have the time to conduct training, acquire safety equipment and maintain it regularly. This is why most companies are advised to seek the help of third-party companies who will take care of all safety precautions for them. Companies like have worked together with leaders in the oil and gas industry for years to ensure that they are ready for any spills and leaks. These companies also deliver products that are up to the safety shower Australian standard

Importance of Employees’ Health

It is found that prolonged oil chemical exposure can lead to long-term ailments like cancer, liver and kidney failure and mental illness. This is why safety protocols on a day-to-day basis are important. Even without oil spills and leaks, employees are exposed to some degree even while doing their daily tasks. Companies are required to provide employees with durable and efficient safety gear such as protective masks and clothing.

While jobs in the oil and gas industry are definitely at least 10 times more dangerous compared to the typical white collar job, oil and gas companies, in partnership with relevant organizations, are continually ensuring the safety and well-being of their employees. Regular inspection of the safety showers and spill kits Brisbane companies have can go a long way in terms of protecting employees from both short-term and long-term health problems.

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